Many people use Google Analytics for tracking AdWord conversions and for aggregate anonymous data reporting. To assist with this, ActiveDEMAND can be configured to post events to Google Analytics. 

See this article about setting up Google Services in ActiveDEMAND:

Once you have the Google Services integrated with ActiveDEMAND (specifically Google Analytics), ActiveDEMAND will automatically post events to GA whenever a tracked number is called or a form is submitted. If you want to shut this feature off or customize the event behaviour, turn off the auto-posting feature in ActiveDEMAND (Account Settings-> Google Integration)

For tr

Event Category: Phone

Event Action: <tracked phone number description or DNI group name>

Event Label: from <contact ID of caller> <number of times called>

you can override these values by

Customizing the Event Behavior:

ActiveDEMAND has a Post Event to Google Analytics workflow action object.  This allows you to fully customize the Label, Event, Category, Value, and timing of the event posting to Google Analytics. In your Autoresponders or Custom Workflows,

You can use dynamic fields to populate the data in the GA event. 

For example, you could put this into your Sales Notification Workflow and wait, for example, for a deal value (custom field) to appear. Then once you have a deal value, post the value with the session that triggered the conversion. 

The dynamic field above is %CONTACT_HISTORY.CREATED_AT%.

The dynamic field above is %CONTACT.RECENT_WON_DEAL_VALUE%.

In the above example, if the conversion occurred as a result of a Google Paid Ad Click, then the GCLID will be posted with the event, hence attributing the conversion to the specific Adwords campaign.

For the custom event, as shown, you have full control over the timing of when the event is posted, and you can set, using dynamic fields, the 

  • Event Name
  • Event Category
  • Event Action
  • Event Label
  • Event Value

If you are customizing your event posting, it is a good idea to turn off the default Event posting (account settings) to avoid duplicate event posting.


  • Post event to Google Analytics on chat
  • Post event to Google Analytics on email open
  • Post event to Google Analytics on form submit
  • Post event to Google Analytics on phone call
  • Post event to Google Analtyics on twitter follow

To set up GA event goals, please read this article (