For those folks that are onboarding a lot of clients onto the ActiveDEMAND platform, here is a simple checklist for you to ensure you have ActiveDEMAND completely set up for your clients.

  1. Run through the account setup wizard to ensure the basics are setup.
    • Set up all account information (Website URL is very important we suggest, in a separate tab, browse to the website, copy the url from the browser address bar and then paste it in the AD wizard)
    • Ensure there is at least one employee in the account (the default sales person)
  2. Set up the brand (including the email header image, logo, favicon). (
    • Header Image Size: 600x150
    • Logo size: 250x150 transparent background png
    • Favicon size 32x32
  3. Add the tracking script to the website (
  4. Add/Authorize Google Analytics (Administration->Account Settings-> Integrations -> Third Party Applications-> Add Application) (
  5. Add/Authorize Social Media accounts (Administration->Account Settings-> Integrations -> Social Media->Add Social Media)
  6. Set up the CNAME Records (
  7. Set up the sales distribution list (account employees who are going to get leads). Add the employee contacts (Administration->Account Settings->Add Employee). Add the appropriate contacts to the Sales Distribution contact list. (
  8. Set up an Email Template (Assets->Email Template Library->New Email Template)
  9. Integrate the web forms for the website (
  10. Agency: Set up the lead notification brand (Administration->Account Settings->Account Setup [Lead Notification Brand]). This will ensure the lead notifications are using the agency brand.

Very important:

Never set the default marketing reply email address and/or the primary sales/marketing contact using a public ISP email address. Google does not allow any ESP to send from a address.