You can design and deploy webforms with ActiveDEMAND.  To integrate existing web forms with ActiveDEMAND webforms, see this article.

Designing/Creating a Web Form

In ActiveDEMAND, navigate to Assets->Web Forms. Note, Web Forms are only available in the Small Business Marketing package and above. Design the Web Form using the drag and drop editor.

Embedding The Web Form on a website (Not Using WordPress) 

You will need to have ActiveDEMAND's tracking script on the website. See this article. Once you have the script on your pages, you can embed any ActiveDEMAND webform right on your landing pages. In the Web Form editor in ActiveDEMAND, click the export button,

 you will be presented with a dialog that contains the HTML source code to insert onto your site. Copy the html code, paste it into your CMS as html.

Embedding The Web Form on a website (Using WordPress) 

If you are using WordPress, it is strongly recommended that you use the ActiveDEMAND WordPress plugin. This will automatically add the tracking script to your website and give you the ability to use shortcodes to embed Web Forms on your pages. After designing your Web Form in ActiveDEMAND, use the following shortcode format on your web pages/posts/sidebars/popups etc.

[activedemand_form id='<id>']

The ID for the form can be found in the form listing table in ActiveDEMAND:

Follow the instructions on the WordPress plugin settings page to properly set up the plugin:

The WordPress plugin adds a button to the visual editor within WordPress. This gives you instant access to the shortcodes for every web form configured in ActiveDEMAND

The WordPress Plugin allows you to do all of your form styling right in ActiveDEMAND. If you want to do the form styles in WordPress instead, check this checkbox on the WordPress plugin settings page: