ActiveDEMAND associates codes to every color within a specific brand in an ActiveDEMAND account. What this means is when creating email and landing pages, instead of hard-coding a specific color for an element (i.e. style=”color: #ff5525;”), a Dynamic Field can be used instead. When the Dynamic Field is used, the color associated with the Dynamic Field will be pulled from the associated brand.


style="background-color: %BRAND.BRAND_COLOR%;">
p {border: 5px solid %BRAND.BRAND_ACCENT_COLOR%;}

Available Dynamic Fields

Background color: %BRAND.BACKGROUND_COLOR%
Background color of the box in a boxed layout: %BRAND.BOXED_BACKGROUND_COLOR%
Base font color: %BRAND.BASE_FONT_COLOR%
Banner/button/headers/dressings color: %BRAND.BRAND_COLOR%
Banner/button gradient: %BRAND.GRADIENT_TYPE%
Gradient 2 color: %BRAND.BRAND_ACCENT_COLOR%
Banner/button/headers/dressing font color: %BRAND.BRAND_TEXT_COLOR%
Link color: %BRAND.LINK_COLOR%
Link hover color: %BRAND.LINK_HOVER_COLOR%
Heading h1, h2, color: %BRAND.TEXT_ACCENT_COLOR%
Footer background color: %BRAND.FOOTER_BACKGROUND_COLOR%
Footer background gradient: %BRAND.FOOTER_GRADIENT_TYPE%
Footer text color: %BRAND.FOOTER_TEXT_COLOR%
Gradient of the banner: %BRAND.BANNER_GRADIENT_VALUE%
Gradient of the footer: %BRAND.FOOTER_GRADIENT_VALUE%