Whitelabelling the Visual Part of Agency Branding

On the Agency account level, your branding is set under Assets => Brands

Here you can set your logo, color scheme, tag line, etc.

For a more thorough review on setting up your brand (or additional brands) you can review this video on the basics of settings up brands in ActiveDEMAND:


Whitelabeling Login Links

To have the login links for the agency account and sub-accounts white-labeled, a client must have SSL white-labeling set for the agency domain.

There is a one-time fee associated with an SSL setup. Support doesn't have to give out pricing information on calls (instead they can open a ticket to give the person more details, a quote, etc)

This article covers all the steps of SSL whitelabelling:


White-labeled login links for sub-accounts have to be added to the agency domain.

Whitelabeling User Confirmation/Password Reset Emails

To whitelabel user confirmation and password reset emails, a client needs to set the correct "Lead Notification Brand" under Administration => Account Settings:

Send Technical Errors To An Agency Employee

The client needs to check that the sub-account Technical Contact is an agency employee, not an agency client employee. This can be set under Administration => Account Settings => Technical Contact drop-down:

Creating Agency-branded Lead Notification Templates

To make sure all lead notification emails contain the information only about the agency brand and to customize the text of the Lead Notification Email Templates, a customer needs to create their own lead notification templates in their agency account under Assets => Email Template Library.

To use the Agency brand on client lead notifications:

1. Set the "Lead Notification Brand" to agency brand (Adminstration => Account Settings) on a client account. All lead notifications that are sent using a template that is 'linked' to a system template or one of the email templates in the agency master account, will use this brand.

2. Create own lead notification templates in agency account under Assets => Email Template Library.

3. Set the brand of the template to agency brand.

4. Share the templates with sub-accounts:

5. Link to these templates in client workflows by replacing existing Email Sales/Marketing workflow actions with a new action. When creating the new action, choose one of agency templates and 'link' to the template.

White-labeling Reports

It is a good practice to make sure the Default UTM Source is set to agency's name instead of ActiveDEMAND:

Chrome Plugin Whitelabeling

Chrome Extension whitelabeling is done according to this support article: