When sending marketing emails, often prospects reply to an email. These replies are a great signal that indicates whether the prospect is interested in learning more about your product or service. ActiveDEMAND does have reply tracking capabilities. There are two methods ActiveDEMAND can be configured to track down the marketing replys:

  1. tracking emails forwarded to the ActiveDEMAND global BCC email address
  2. IMAP polling of the inbox of an ActiveDEMAND employee

Reply Tracking via BCC:

Every account has a default bcc email address in your account settings [Adminstration->Account Settings]

Any email that is sent to this email address will be parsed looking for evidence that the email is indeed a reply to a marketing email. If ActiveDEMAND determines that the email sent to the bcc email address is indeed a reply to a marketing email, ActiveDEMAND will parse the message and create an EmailReply history item on the timeline of the contact that was sent the marketing email.  

If your email provider requires confirmation of the forwarding email address, the confirmation email may end up as an error, which ActiveDEMAND will forward to the technical contact in your account settings (Administration->Account Settings [Technical Contact]

To use this method of reply tracking, you will need to specify a reply email address in the builder header editor for your marketing emails.

Note: Do not use the ActiveDEMAND BCC email address in your emails directly, as this will not forward to anyone by default. 

Then in your email system, set up an auto-forwarding rule to forward emails to the bcc email address. ActiveDEMAND will only create reply history items for those emails received that it can identify as replies to marketing emails.

Note: Ensure the reply to email address is associated with an employee of your ActiveDEMAND account (i.e. the email address is listed as belonging to one of the contacts listed in the Employees section of the your account (Administration->Account Settings [Employees]).

Reply Tracking using IMAP

You can have ActiveDEMAND automatically check your inbox to see if any emails you received are in response to a sent tracked email from ActiveDEMAND. 

Step 1: Add Employee to ActiveDEMAND

All email tracking using this method requires an Employee contact to exist in ActiveDEMAND. The employee does not need to have a login account, but the configuration for polling the IMAP server is done on the employee contact edit screen.

Step 2: Browse to the Employee's contact screen

Step 3:

On the contact edit screen, Add third party application: EmailServer

ActiveDEMAND will poll this email account's inbox looking for replies to marketing emails sent from ActiveDEMAND. If a reply has been detected, ActiveDEMAND will log a EmailReply contact history item on the contact in ActiveDEMAND that replied to the marketing email. ActiveDEMAND will attempt to filter out any 'garbage' replies like out of office, no longer works here, etc.

Detecting Replies

Every valid reply (ActiveDEMAND suppresses out of office replies) will be logged as a EmailReply contact history item on the contact that replied. Thus you can set goals based on Contact History type = EmailReply. As well you can filter your contact database using the same query and/or set up special workflows to forward the reply to specific recipients.