ActiveDEMAND offers powerful contact list rules to precisely target personas, users who are interested in a particular product or service, users who are in similar purchase stages, and more. Now that you’ve got your perfect target list, let’s target them on other platforms!

In the Contact List area, you can publish audiences to:

  • Facebook Custom Audience

  • Google Ads Customer Match

  • Adroll Custom Audience

  • El Toro

Retargeting as Facebook Custom Audience

You’ll need to integrate Facebook with ActiveDEMAND first.

Facebook Custom Audience is an easily used target in Facebook

Note: you’ll need at least 20 contacts in the list before Facebook will allow you to serve ads to this list.

Retargeting Using Google Customer Match

You’ll need to integrate Google Ads with ActiveDEMAND first.

Google customer match allows you to retarget users on Search, Shopping, Gmail, and 

YouTube. ActiveDEMAND uses the Google Ads (AdWords) API to manage the Customer Match audiences for you.

Note: you need more than $50,000 USD total lifetime spend, 90 days history, and a good history of policy compliance in your Google Ads account to use Customer Match. There are some requirements on how you collect customer data.

Requirements for Google Customer Match

Adroll Custom Audience

You’ll need to integrate Adroll with ActiveDEMAND first.

ActiveDEMAND’s API integration with Adroll makes it easy to manage dynamic custom audiences. Adroll enables you to advertise on many platforms at once.

El Toro

You’ll need to integrate El Toro with ActiveDEMAND first.

El Toro combines IP-based targeting with ActiveDEMAND sourced audiences to enable extremely precise targeting.