"Events" in Google Analytics are used to track user interactions beyond simple pageviews. Because they're flexible and Google Analytics goals can be layered on top with additional filtering, they're a favorite way to track conversions.

ActiveDEMAND can automatically post form submission and phone calls as events in Google Analytics. This is a quick and easy way to get good conversion data in Google Analytics.

Note: If you want even more control over events that are sent to Google Analytics, consider using custom Google Analytics Events.


  1. Connect your Google Analytics Account with ActiveDEMAND & Authorize Google Analytics
  2. Check this box:

That's it! Now any DNI phone number or ActiveDEMAND form on your website will send events to Google Analytics when they're used.

Phone Call Default Event:

Category: Phone

Action: {the DNI group or phone number they called}

Label: From {prospect phone number they called from}

Form Submit Default Event:

Category: FormSubmit

Action:  From {contactID}

Label: {ActiveDEMAND form name}

Now that you have the events setup, you should probably setup some Google Analytics goals based on the events.