A Virtual Form Submit is a fast and easy way to track conversions from a form that was not built inside of ActiveDEMAND. To pass the data from the external form to ActiveDEMAND all you need is include the following script on the page where your form resides:

<script type="text/javascript">

This script assumes the ActiveDEMAND tracking script is already on the website


There are some limitations of using a Virtual Form Submit over using an ActiveDEMAND form: 

  • Virtual Form Submits will not have an autoresponder associated with them
  • The query builder will not have Form field parameters to query against
  • There is no Form Report for this type of submission

A much better solution is to embed an actual ActiveDEMAND web form into the website.


Or use ActiveDEMAND's web API and write custom script on the page to post to an actual web form in ActiveDEMAND


The benefit of capturing an actual ActiveDEMAND form (instead of the virtual form) is that you get:

  • form element queries for segmenting your prospects
  • form reports that give you the detailed results of all of the form data submitted
  • a configurable autoresponder workflow
  • control over your webform from within ActiveDEMAND
  • Dynamic form field elements
  • pre-fill your forms with known contact data