If you created a login account (https://support.activedemand.com/solution/articles/12000001478-how-do-i-add-users-login-accounts-to-my-activedemand-account-) for your employee/client and they are reporting that they did not get their confirmation email, you can resend it by going to the account login screen (incognito) and follow these instructions


Another option is to retrieve the link that was sent the first time by going to the employee/client's contact in AD

  1. switch to the proper account (in the case of administering a client)
  2. Go to Administration->Account Settings:Employees
  3. Click on the pencil
  4. Scroll down to the employee timeline and find the email log that sent the account confirmation instructions. Click the View More button
  5. Copy the confirm my account link (do not click it, copy it)
  6. Send that link to your employee/client or employee.

Note as well, you can see on this timeline if the person as opened the email.