The ActiveDEMAND WordPress plugin will automatically detect if WooCommerce is installed and will automatically present the WooCommerce functionality. Specifically:

  • Post to an ActiveDEMAND Virtual Web Form on Order State Change
  • Post to an ActiveDEMAND Virtual Web Form on cart abandonment

    Web Form integration with woo commerce

For both of these events, you will have to set up corresponding Web Forms (Assets->Web Forms) in ActiveDEMAND to receive the callback. The nice thing about this system is that the session cookie is always associated with the callback, thus if an order is made, the web session of the person who created the order will be captured.

On WooCommerce Order:
This callback happens whenever an order state change is detected. It is important to note, for first time WooCommerce users, just because a product has been purchased does not necessarily imply that the order has been completed. You have to have a good knowledge of the order state changes to use this callback properly.

For your webform, you have to have the fields 
[First Name] 
[Last Name]
[Email Address*]
[Order Value] 
[Order State Change]
[Order ID] 

and in the order specified. The Order Value, Order State Change, and Order ID can all be 'Short Answer' text boxes.

You can use the autoresponder workflow to process your order state changes

marketing automation with woo commerce

WooCommerce Carts:

This callback is used for tracking abandoned stale carts. If a known user (i.e. is logged in) has created a cart and added items to the cart, and leaves without buying, you can post the data back to ActiveDEMAND to set up a gentle reminder that the products are in stock and how wonderful their lives would be if they came back and purchased. You require a corresponding web form with the following fields (in this order)

[First Name]

[Last Name]

[Email Address*]

[Product Data]

Product Data can be a 'Long Answer' text box.

Getting The Session

As the callbacks are server to server the purchaser cookie and the purchaser session may not be connected to the order. Thus you will see a form submit but not get the session data. To get the session data connected to the form you should insert our virtual form submit script on the the user signup page and the checkout page. This will ensure the contact form submit is connected with a session.

Place this on the following script on the checkout page and the login page of the site:

<script type="text/javascript">