The ActiveDEMAND WordPress plugin will automatically detect if WooCommerce is installed and will automatically present the WooCommerce functionality. Specifically:

  • Post to an ActiveDEMAND Virtual Web Form on Order State Change
  • Post to an ActiveDEMAND Virtual Web Form on cart abandonment

Note: If you are upgrading from the ActiveDEMAND plugin <= version 1.71 to version 2.xx, you will need to remap your automation forms in the plugin. As well, the new plugin adds the virtual form submit on the checkout page, thus you will need to remove your virtual form submit script if you have one there already


In the ActiveDEMAND WordPress plugin editor, a WooCommerce tab will appear if WooCommerce is installed. There are two tabs, Automation and Cart Recovery.

Above you can see the different order states a purchase goes through on woocommerce: Order Created, Order Processing, Order Completed, Order Cancelled, Order Refunded.

Whenever an Order State, or Trigger Event, begins or changes  it is detected on the WP site, and the WP plugin will post to the form you have configured.

You can select to post to any External Webform created in ActiveDEMAND. All configured External Webforms created in ActiveDEMAND will be available in the dropdown list boxes. Select the appropriate form for the related trigger. If you click the pencil next to the form drop down it will expose the field mapping tool.

You can use the autoresponder workflow to process your order state changes

marketing automation with woo commerce

Cart Recovery:

This callback is used for tracking abandoned stale carts. If a known user (i.e. is logged in) has created a cart and added items to the cart, and leaves without buying, you can post the data back to ActiveDEMAND to set up a gentle reminder that the products are in stock and how wonderful their lives would be if they came back and purchased. You require a corresponding web form with the following fields (in this order)

Product Data can be a 'Long Answer' text box.