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Campaign Variables

There are several posts regarding dynamic fields and campaign variables:


Campaign Variables are used exactly like Dynamic Fields, the difference being that custom rich content can be pulled out of a campaign and into a variable. The idea being that if you are doing one type of campaign over and over, with a few blocks of content being the only thing that changes from one campaign to another, extract the content into a Campaign Variable.

Campaign Variables are defined in the campaign interface under the 'Variables' tab:

The basic format of referencing a Campaign Variable is


The Campaign Variables are typically accessible via a content block edtior by clicking on the tag icon.

As an example, consider a webinar campaign. Not much changes from webinar to webinar, hence pull out the variable data into a campaign variable. Things like presenter bio, topic, images, etc can all be extracted into Campaign Variables. The date of the webinar ... is a great example of a place for a campaign variable.

The date variable (for example %CAMPAIGN.EVENT_DATE%) can be used to auto-redirect the registration page to a 'view the recording' page by using Campaign Variables.

In the example above, this was used %CAMPAIGN.EVENT_DATE% + 0.5.days for the redirect date. Note, similar to Dynamic Fields, that date math can be used.

The format for date math is 




So: the form is %VARIABLE% [+-] [0-9].[days|weeks|months|years]

The date format of the Campaign Variable is dd/mm/yyyy ... with time dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss (24 hour clock)

Campaign Landing pages can be reference by using this format "NAME_NAME2_NAME3".  The landing page named "Register For Webcast" is referenced in the example above as REGISTER_FOR_WEBCAST. This does not work well if you name all of your pages the same in a campaign. Thus the page is reference by


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