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Multi-section landing pages

For multi-section landing pages it is often useful to put in html anchors links to navigate through the page. This combined with a fixed menu block that will allow the user to navigate the single page. The menu blocks are available in the Small Business Marketer accounts. Another trick is to use this code in the page script to get the page to do smooth scrolling while moving between page segments.

<script type='text/javascript'>







Define your anchors:

<a name="top"></a>

Define your links

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Detailed steps to do this:

Step 1: define where you want your target to be. This is typically just above a form. In the editor either edit an existing content block or create a new contact block for your target.


drag a new block above the form:


Edit the source code for this block:


Delete everything in the source editor and insert your link:

<a name="CTA"></a>


Save/close the source editor. Now in your button at the top of the page:


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