New Techie Stuff: Bulk Edit Custom Fields, Autoresponder Priority

Our development folks have been busy as of late. They have been thinking of those of you who are deep in the ActiveDEMAND Zone! 

Bulk Edit Custom Fields

Now you can bulk edit your custom fields without the use of Excel! Browse on over to Contacts->All Contacts, start changing things!

See this article: Bulk Edit Contacts

You asked for it, you got it!!

Autoresponder Priority

This is a question that I am sure has kept some of you up at night, "I wonder how I can do form post processing in my autoresponder before the confirmation page renders?". Okay not many of you have wondered that, there are a few of you out there! Now it is possible to unlock the power of automation and dynamic content in ActiveDEMAND! You can now do post processing of a form, set up your prospect exactly how you want, then show them a fancy dynamic confirmation page with using your crazy automation! 

Check it out: Autoresponder Priority

Ya, you did not ask for it, but there it is. Put on your pocket protector and your propeller cap and get coding!

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