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Avoiding sending campaigns to the same person

We have built up segmented lists of contacts who have visited certain categories on a site.

We'd like to send a campaign to two lists on the same day but avoid sending both to the same person - in case some people have viewed many categories.

Q1. Is it possible to avoid this with out making a new list that excludes the other category?

Q2. Is it possible to delay someone receiving one of the campaigns if they on the two lists? i.e if on list A & B see campaign B one week later?

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A1: If the campaign is one email being sent to two lists/categories/segments where there is some overlap in the two groups of people, ActiveDEMAND takes care of this automatically. An single email in a campaign will only be sent to one contact regardless of how many lists they are in or how many email addresses are associated with the contact. 

If you want different content to go to different people, consider using the conditional send  ( 

Another way is to use two campaigns. You can create a suppression list that is the audience of campaign 1 and use it in campaign 2 to ensure the people in campaign 2 do not get an email if they are in the audience for campaign 1


If you are using 2 campaigns, then you can stagger the campaigns.

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